Past Projects

Bottle Openers

I forge a variety of styles of bottles ornamented with everything from decorative twists to stamped letters. These make excellent gifts for many occasions.

The flat openers are perfect for a bottle shop or craft brewery and can even be customized with a logo.

Chess Set

One of my favorite projects has been to create a chess set. This was one of the first projects where I spent hours designing and testing the shapes of each piece. I have made four chess sets to date and each one still sees small changes and improvements!

Each piece is made from 1/2” square bar. They range in height from 2" for the pawns to 2.5” for the kings. I do not make chess boards currently but these pieces fit perfectly on any chess board with 1.5” spaces!



One thing I enjoy about this craft is learning new things. This project was my first attempt at making hinges. My parents were kind enough to let me build them a gate to test my hinges on. I also forged some decorative bars for the window and the handle as well. For a first attempt at hinges, I was very pleased with the results!

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